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testy McTestface
testy McTestface

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Beaver CreekBeaver Creek

St. Matthew's Winter FestSt. Matthew's Winter Fest

Manny E. FarberManny E. Farber

My & Fer's Trip to AustraliaMy & Fer's Trip to Australia

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Fully Dynamic "Off-the-Shelf" Web Site

(Current Price List)

This is an example of Now Interactive Solution's complete "Off-the-Shelf" Dynamic Web Site. The Site would be at www.yournamehere.com (with yournamehere of course being replaced with your domain name). All this would be set up for you by us. The logo up top where it says "Your Name Here" would be replaced by your own logo or picture.

This site consists of three publicly available sections (the "News" front pages, the "Gallery" picture exhibition pages, and the "Info" About or Contact Information page; these correspond to the three buttons up top), and a complete Management System accessible through password. (It looks like this.)

Management System

A mock-up of the Management System is available here for you to try out; being a mock-up it is not active and won't actually allow you to change anything.

The Management System allows you to control all the content of the three publicly
available sections, easily adding, changing or removing text and pictures.

This demonstration site contains sample content (including this text) so that you can get an idea of what this web site would look like. Your site would initially be empty of all content.


We have also made various "skins" for the website -- cosmetic makeovers that change the look of the site. You would be able to choose the look you want for your site. For examples of different skins, click here and then click on the various skins listed in the right column.

The column on the left contains links to available sets of pictures; if you click on a link, it will take you directly to the Gallery section so you can view the pictures if the set is not linked to a news story. If the set is linked to a news story, the story will load up in this space, and then you can click on the picture link to see the pictures. The links on the left are ordered by date, with newer picture sets coming first.

The column on the right displays links to the various "News" stories available, also ordered by date, newest first. If you click on a News story link, the text of that news story will appear here, in this middle column. By default, the newest news story appears here in this space (which happens to be this what you are reading right now).

Picture sets may be linked to particular news stories. When this is the case, there will be a random thumbnailed picture from the set displayed with the text in this space; if you then click the picture you will be taken to the Gallery section to view the set. In the Gallery section, if a picture set has a news story associated with it, you will see a newspaper icon at the beginning of the picture set which you can click on to be taken to that news story.

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St. Matthew's Parish Winter Fest

Manny E. Farber, Photographer

Second Inaugural Address -- Abraham Lincoln

Gettysburg Addressed

First Inaugural Address -- Abraham Lincoln

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